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Canons Too

An Active Study in Part Singing for Grades 4 - 8.
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This collection of eleven canons with lesson plans is suitable for young children in third through eighth grades. Six of the songs are arranged for Orff instruments. Each canon also has copying privileges so you can make every child a copy.

All songs work equally well a cappella or with Orff instruments. Teaching Suggestions and Lesson Plans for some of the songs are included. Contributing editor Rob Amchin has written an article to give many techniques and ideas about teaching rounds and canons.

This book is already a classic, but this new expanded edition is even better! Many of the songs and activities in this book are included in Brent's workshop presentation, Singing To Learn. HERE'S more information about Brent's workshops.

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Blue Dude

An Original Blues for Orff Ensemble
(BPP-DU - Sheet Music - $10.95 (Shipping Included) - Download $8.95)
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An original blues arrangememt for middle school Orff Ensemble, this piece is a sure-fire energizer for your upper elementary or middle school general music students. 

With a clear lesson plan  and lots of helpful suggestions for use, plus several ways of adapting the piece for diatonic instruments, this tune will be on the top of your pile of great teaching/performance pieces every year. 

It's the traditional 12 bar blues with suggestions for accompaniment.  A winner!

Featured at Brent Holl's session at the national AOSA conference in Cincinnati in 2001, it received rave reviews from the session participants.

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