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Strategies for Success

By Jane Barbe(Book)  $34.95 - Available NOW!

Comments from customers and workshop participants

Carla K Meiers - The workshop on Saturday was one of the best I have ever attended!  I’ve taught a lot of years so I’ve been to a lot of workshops.  You mentioned you had templates for the ice cream toppings and for Rockin’ Rhythms.  Thanks so much for a wonderful Saturday!
Lisa Sellers - Your workshop was awesome. They're gonna be booking you a lot across the country now.
Megan Geesaman Vogus - You were fabulous today! Loved every minute of it!

David Hayden - Can't wait til the next one!

Patti Ladley Powles - You were awesome today. Learned so much. Can't wait until your next book comes out.

E. Rachel Nash - Wonderful workshop yesterday! Tons of great ideas to implement!




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