Jon Madin with Echo Cello

Jon Madin is a trained classroom music teacher with a background in a wide variety of music-making. His experience includes playing in folk/rock bands, multi cultural bands, an orchestra and early music consorts. He also leads family music workshops and bush dances.

He has also worked extensively in musical instrument design — marimbas in particular, as well as many other experimental musical instruments.

Jon has worked with marimbas in all states of Australia as well as in Japan, Indonesia, Austria, USA, Germany, New Zealand, Hong Kong and East Timor.

Recent work includes writing an extended piece for community musicians playing marimbas, percussion and found objects together with an orchestra. The project was organized by the Arts Concert of Wangaratta, Victoria.

Jon also worked on a music installation and performance that was set in the Bundaleer forest in South Australia.

A typical international visit includes making a number of marimbas for the school or organization in the lead up to a conference. The marimbas remain with the school. Jon also teaches playing styles on the marimbas and associated instruments. In workshops he demonstrates the making of a variety of other "wacky instruments."

(editor's note: Jon presented a workshop with Christoph Maubach at the Seattle AOSA conference in 1997 that was my first contact with his work with marimbas and wacky instruments. His presentation inspired the work of many music teachers around the country and has caused a boomlet in the construction of homemade marimbas. I have made 33 Madin-style marimbas since then, many of them for my home school district but several more around the state of Virginia. In 2008, Jon again led several sessions for the national AOSA conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. I had the pleasure of helping him during those sessions and had the distinct pleasure of working with Jon in Australia at the Marimba Camp in Healsville, Victoria during the summer (their winter) of 2010. Beatin' Path Publications is delighted to be able to bring his music to the USA for distribution. All of these volumes will inspire you and your students with fun and learning. - Brent Holl, ed.)

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