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Make Way to Sing and Play

Songs, Games and Dances with Orff Process Lesson Plans
(BPP-MW2SP - Book/CD ROM - $29.95) Look at a Preview

14 Brand new arrangements and original songs are presented in this latest book by Master Orff Teacher, Michael Nichols. This book continues in the style of his last book, Let's Sing and Play a Dozen. With complete lesson plans, full Orff instrument orchestrations and a part in every song for the Soprano Recorder, these activities are a wonderful way to reinforce valuable skills students are learning in grades 3 - 6.

Make Way to Sing and Play includes a CD ROM with full scores in landscape mode for easy projection on your white-board and instructional visuals presented on full-color slides. Each visual is also presented as a .pdf file for easy printing. Students will love to sing, dance, and play these sparkling songs and arrangements.

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Let's Sing and Play a Dozen

Activities for Orff Ensemble Grades 3 - 6
(BPP-LSPD - Book/CD ROM - $24.95) Look at a Preview

With a dozen songs and activities for music classes in grades 3 - 6, this new collection for singers, recorder players, and orff instruments is a great resource for music teachers.

Let's Sing and Play a Dozen includes lesson plans, objectives, and a CD-ROM with full color visuals in .jpg and .tif formats for your interactive white-board or for making transparencies. Two versions of each visual are included, one with rich color for your white-board, the other black and white for transparencies. Full scores are included in .tif and .pdf formats. Each full score can be imported into your presentation software or printed using one of these formats if you wish to emphasize note reading.

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