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The Shoemaker - A Video from the Intro to Schulwerk Session at the San Diego Orff Conference in 2015.

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My name is Julie Stephens and I was an attendee for your "Hip Cats and Cool Kids" conference in LA.  I purchased Here's Two for use in my classroom, it's been a week and the kids are sugar high on it.  Thank you; I have always wanted a way to access jazz music and have never felt like I was able to achieve my goal (as a French horn player). I've sat at the piano and moped over "Maiden Voyage" wondering why me, a music teacher couldn't make sense of it. 

This is the most accessible text to jazz music I've experienced and I'm so happy that my jazz unit in class is no longer a Leonard Bernstein/ Marsalis DVD (Although they are fabulous). In fact, it no longer needs to be a unit and I can weave it throughout the rest of my curriculum! Yes we will learn a new style, but jazz is music beyond other genres which label success only through strict regurgitation.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This has ignited a new fire for me in and out of the classroom.

Julie Stephens

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