Modal Mosaic

Modal Mosaic (Book/CD ROM) - Modal Pieces with Lesson Plans for Orff Classes
by Robert A. Amchin ($34.95)  Look at a Preview

The classic modes are perfect vehicles for improvisation! These short pieces with complete Orff process lesson plans can kick start your students' composition and improvisation skills. Throw in some mixed-meters, and the receipe is complete! You'll soon have a fine stew of student-created, mystical, modal music that students will love.

Suitable for grades 4 - 8. 

A CD ROM is included with full color visuals, full scores, and keynote and powerpoint presentations ready for your classroom.  Full quality audio files for each piece are included to enhance your movement activities and create dances.

Listen to Ben's Dance

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Moods and Modes

Moods and Modes (book/PA tracks available online) - for Intermediate Beginner Recorder Ensembles - by Robert A. Amchin ($19.95)

The classic volume by Rob Amchin is a collection of ensemble pieces for soprano and tenor recorder. Sparkling, delightful tunes and sprightly accompaniments will excite your beginning to intermediate recorder players. The book includes copy-ready student scores. Performance/Accompaniment tracks are available online including performance and play-along versions.

The PA tracks include performance and play-a-long versions of all the tunes in Moods and Modes. The recordings feature traditional Orff instruments and accompaniments. Play along with the recording or with just the accompaniment. Use the tracks for rehearsal or for performance!

Listen to Modal Morning

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