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Simply Speaking

Speech Activities for Music Classes Grades K - 6
(BPP-SSP - Book/CD ROM - $24.95) Look at a Preview

Simply Speaking is a great new music teaching resource presenting 14 activities for the music classroom centered around the idea of speech, chants, and word rhythms. Sue Mueller’s extensive experience in the classroom in addition to her well-received workshops and Orff courses guarantees that this book will be one of your most valuable tools for teaching musical concepts.

The activities are arranged in Orff Style with lesson plans and objectives, teaching suggestions, and a useful glossary of terms. Sue has correlated the lessons to the MENC Nationals Standards. A CD-ROM is included with full-color and black and white visuals to supplement each lesson. The visuals are suitable for your presentation software or your interactive whiteboard.

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Simply Beginning

Activities to Begin for Music Classes Grades K - 6
BPP-SBE - Book/CD ROM - $29.95) Look at a Preview

Simply Beginning is filled with activities and suggestions for beginning each new type of activity in the school year.  You'll have a lesson to begin your soprano recorder class, and introduction to Alto Recorder, some great new begin-the-year activities, and more.

The book is grounded in Orff Schulwerk process and includes the elements: exploration, imitation, improvisation, and literacy. Included are  lesson plans, objectives, teaching suggestions and a glossary of terms. A CD-ROM is included with full-color and black and white visuals suitable for your presentation software, your interactive whiteboard, or for printing hard copies.

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