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School Songs (CD)

Reading, Science and Social Studies in Music and Rhyme.
(SF-PBSS - Audio CD - $12.97) Look and Listen to some Previews!

Phyllis Gaskins wrote these songs (The Habitat Song was written by Jill Leaman) to help teach her second grade students about social studies, geography, reading, and science. She found that singing about the water cycle, or about Native American nations helped the children remember important concepts while having fun singing along!

The songs are performed by Brent Holl, folk singer and former teacher as well. He uses acoustic guitar, melodica, all manner of special percussion instruments, and a home made marimba. Teachers who have marimbas or Orff instruments in their classrooms will be able to create simple accompaniments for most of the songs.

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School Songs (Songbook)

Reading, Science and Social Studies in Music and Rhyme.
(BPP-PBSS - Book - $24.95) Look at a Preview!

School Songs is all about songs for Social Studies, Science and Reading in the elementary classroom. The songbook contains full scores for every song on the CD. Some of the songs have lead sheets with guitar or ukulele chords and some are full scores for including parts for Orff instruments and/or home made marimbas.

Teach geography with Trip to Egypt or Fly to China. Energize your social studies lessons with In the Good Old USA and The Three Resources. Study condensation, precipitation, and water vapor by singing The Water Cycle! The songs were written by Phyllis Gaskins to address the learning objectives in science, social studies and reading for the elementary students in her classes.

Some of the songs have suggestions for supplemental activities. Several with Orff arrangements have suggested lesson plans. Copy-ready student songsheets are available upon request for all purchasers.

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