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Full-Service Music Engraving using Finale and Adobe InDesign

$0.30 per frame in which notes are entered.


One frame is equal to one measure on one staff. Only frames in which notes have been entered will be included in my fee, so you won't be charged for measures that contain only whole rests.

I use this system to determine my fee for a couple of reasons:
• A flat rate is easy to understand: you won't be surprised by the final cost
• It is, on average, an accurate gauge of the actual work involved.
• The rate is fair for you because you won't be charged for essentially empty space.
Note that a standard piano part requires two frames per measure, whereas a trumpet staff containing both the 1st and 2nd parts would count as only one frame per measure. For the purposes of billing (and for the sake of musicians reading the score and part) no more than two parts can be written on one staff.

This rate covers all engraving costs including extraction and formatting.


When you email me at beatinpath@mac.com we will discuss an estimate. The estimate will be the $0.30 rate multiplied by 70% of the total frames (to account for empty frames). The deposit will be half of this estimate, paid in advance.
The balance will be the total fee ($0.30 multiplied by the actual number of frames with notes in them) less the deposit. The balance will be paid when you receive and approve the proofs (in PDF form).

If you need changes made, final alterations will be billed at $20 per hour. I will not charge for corrections when the error was mine.

What these rates include

These elements are included in the rates listed below:
• Note entry in Finale®
• Entry of lyrics, dynamics, tempos, and all other text and symbols
• Score editing
• Score formatting
• Part extraction
• Part formatting
• Creation of PDF files as proofs
• Corrections to engraving errors
• Creation of Adobe InDesign, pre-press files for the final product with PDF copies.
• Inclusion of Finale® files if requested
• CD containing all included electronic files
• First-Class Mailing Costs

What these rates do not include

These elements, when applicable, will be billed separately:
• Printing costs (if printed scores & parts are required)
• Mailing costs above First-Class (e.g., Priority or Express)
• Rush orders (billed at 1.5 times cost)
• Corrections involving editorial changes
• Audio recording of MIDI realization

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